Childproofing Electrical Components In Your Home

Emergency rooms treat over 200 children per month due to electrical shocks and burns.  These injuries can be caused by children sticking objects into outlets, frayed electrical cords, and surges from misuse of electrical equipment. 

Childproofing your electrical systems to protect your children from harm is vital to ensuring your family’s safety.  Injuries resulting from electric shock can have severe side effects, including pain, limited mobility, and in extreme cases, death. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to protect your children from exposure to electricity.

What To Check

It is essential to ensure that any wires or cords are adequately covered with protective insulation made from plastic or rubber.  These coverings will ensure that any accidental skin contact will not result in electrical shock or burns.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to have adequate surge protection for all of your outlets and appliances.  This will protect your children from shock if a lightning strike compromises your electrical system.

While regular electrical maintenance is important, it is only one part of ensuring that your kids are protected from electrical injuries.

Safety Devices

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The most active measure you can take to childproof your home from electrical injuries is to have an electrician near me in Hicksville NY install protective covers on your electrical outlets. 

These child-proof covers make it impossible for curious little ones to stick foreign objects inside the outlet.  Additionally, it makes it difficult for children to plug or unplug electronics without the assistance of an adult. 

Be sure to regularly check the state of your electrical systems and components to reduce injury and keep your children safe.  Failure to adequately childproof your home from electrical surges, sparks, or contamination, could result in costly medical bills, destruction of property, or worse, the death of a loved one.

How to Increase Curb Appeal at Your Home

Want to ensure your home looks as great on the outside as it does on the inside? Of course you do and the good news is that you can find many amazing and simple ways to increase the curb appeal at your home. Check out some of the ideas below and be sure to contact a handyman to arrange handyman jobs in aurora ca if you need help. They’ll take care of your projects at a great cost and save you a ton of time in the process.

Update the Mailbox

The mailbox is a small but major part of the appeal of the exterior. If the mailbox is old, damaged, worn out or rusted, go ahead and replace it so that it does not create a poor first impression. A new mailbox can complement the look of the home when it looks amazing!

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting serves a multitude of purposes from improving safety to extending the amount of time you can spend outside with light available. There are tons of lighting options available that help provide you with a comfortable living space in a budget you can afford. Check out all your lighting options.

Plants & Flowers

The power of plants and flowers is second to none. They bring a touch of freshness, color, and intrigue to any property. With tons of available flowers and plants, anyone can find perfect accessories to light up their lawn.


The gutters, posts, garage doors, entry door, shutters, and trim can all stand a fresh coat of paint, would you agree? By refreshing these areas with a fresh coat of paint, you find a simple way to help increase the appeal at your home and add value to the property.

How Does Flooring Installation Work?

Residential flooring installation is much more than just nailing some carpet to the floor. The project involves a careful process that includes the use of a variety of tools, safety considerations, and attention to detail. After you pick your lvt flooring in lafayette la, there are a number of steps that professionals go through to install it.

First, the floor is covered with drop cloths to catch debris and protect surrounding areas from stains. Second, a tape measure and chalk line are used to mark out square cuts for the size of tile or wood flooring that will be installed in each room (or area). Next, a scrub brush is used to clean away any dirt or grime from the subfloor. The scrub brush is used in small areas, then a mop and duster are used on all open floor areas.

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When the surface has been thoroughly scrubbed, tools required for the next phase are gathered: safety glasses, caulking gun and a caulk knife, hammer, cold chisel and pry bar. Planks or tiles may need to be cut to fit around obstacles such as outlets or baseboards (usually done by someone other than the flooring installer). The professional then pries up one plank at a time to secure the subfloor from areas around which it will not be installed.

Then, a layer of underlayment is placed on the floor, then a layer of padding (1/4-inch thick) that covers it. Carpet or wood planks are laid over the padding and secured to the subfloor with staples. The professional may use a stapler, hand tacker or nail gun for this task. This is repeated for each room that needs to be covered. Once the flooring has been installed, an inspection of all seams and installation areas is performed from below — only when everything looks good will the work be complete.

Can You Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful and Green Through the Swelter of Summer?

Regardless of where you are in the United States, every state seems to be hit with a heatwave when summertime rolls around. For your lawns, this could mean dried, fried grass, especially during droughts with restrictions on water.

This year, there are ways you can keep your lawn green, beautiful, and luscious throughout the swelter of summer. It’s a learning curve, but once you’ve mastered the grass, you can be sure your lawn will never again feel the deadening effects of another heatwave.

Timed Sprinklers Could Be Your New Best Friends

Sprinkler installation could save you thousands of dollars on lawn seed and reparations. The sprinklers can be set on timers to adhere to any city-placed restrictions. There are even low-flow sprinklers that only distribute an adequate amount of water, without excess, to satiate your lawn.

Sprinkler installation

Feed Your Soil with Nutrients Throughout the Year

Your lawn lives and grows. Ergo, you need to feed your soil the proper nutrients throughout the year. There are turf builders with nutrients to help your grass grow greener, stronger, and last longer, even in high drought situations.

Steer Clear of Pesticides Unless Absolutely Necessary

Pesticides are as bad for your lawn as they are for the bugs, so don’t spray your grass with pesticides unless absolutely necessary. Necessity would be an invasion of red ants, for example. Otherwise, some bugs, like earthworms, exist in a healthy ecosystem, which is what you want your lawn to be.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Lawn!

As a homeowner, your lawn becomes an extension of your home. When you have a nice yard, your property value definitely goes up – more-so when you can beat the heat and keep your lawn looking green and vibrant throughout the year.