Childproofing Electrical Components In Your Home

Emergency rooms treat over 200 children per month due to electrical shocks and burns.  These injuries can be caused by children sticking objects into outlets, frayed electrical cords, and surges from misuse of electrical equipment. 

Childproofing your electrical systems to protect your children from harm is vital to ensuring your family’s safety.  Injuries resulting from electric shock can have severe side effects, including pain, limited mobility, and in extreme cases, death. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to protect your children from exposure to electricity.

What To Check

It is essential to ensure that any wires or cords are adequately covered with protective insulation made from plastic or rubber.  These coverings will ensure that any accidental skin contact will not result in electrical shock or burns.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to have adequate surge protection for all of your outlets and appliances.  This will protect your children from shock if a lightning strike compromises your electrical system.

While regular electrical maintenance is important, it is only one part of ensuring that your kids are protected from electrical injuries.

Safety Devices

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The most active measure you can take to childproof your home from electrical injuries is to have an electrician near me in Hicksville NY install protective covers on your electrical outlets. 

These child-proof covers make it impossible for curious little ones to stick foreign objects inside the outlet.  Additionally, it makes it difficult for children to plug or unplug electronics without the assistance of an adult. 

Be sure to regularly check the state of your electrical systems and components to reduce injury and keep your children safe.  Failure to adequately childproof your home from electrical surges, sparks, or contamination, could result in costly medical bills, destruction of property, or worse, the death of a loved one.