Can You Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful and Green Through the Swelter of Summer?

Regardless of where you are in the United States, every state seems to be hit with a heatwave when summertime rolls around. For your lawns, this could mean dried, fried grass, especially during droughts with restrictions on water.

This year, there are ways you can keep your lawn green, beautiful, and luscious throughout the swelter of summer. It’s a learning curve, but once you’ve mastered the grass, you can be sure your lawn will never again feel the deadening effects of another heatwave.

Timed Sprinklers Could Be Your New Best Friends

Sprinkler installation could save you thousands of dollars on lawn seed and reparations. The sprinklers can be set on timers to adhere to any city-placed restrictions. There are even low-flow sprinklers that only distribute an adequate amount of water, without excess, to satiate your lawn.

Sprinkler installation

Feed Your Soil with Nutrients Throughout the Year

Your lawn lives and grows. Ergo, you need to feed your soil the proper nutrients throughout the year. There are turf builders with nutrients to help your grass grow greener, stronger, and last longer, even in high drought situations.

Steer Clear of Pesticides Unless Absolutely Necessary

Pesticides are as bad for your lawn as they are for the bugs, so don’t spray your grass with pesticides unless absolutely necessary. Necessity would be an invasion of red ants, for example. Otherwise, some bugs, like earthworms, exist in a healthy ecosystem, which is what you want your lawn to be.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Lawn!

As a homeowner, your lawn becomes an extension of your home. When you have a nice yard, your property value definitely goes up – more-so when you can beat the heat and keep your lawn looking green and vibrant throughout the year.